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At Green-Gate we help clients modernize and leverage their IT infrastructure to achieve break through performance and fulfill their mission. We support mission-critical enterprise modernization programs and are entrusted with responsibility for key areas, including solution architecture, systems engineering, software design and implementation. We combine technology experience with government acumen to reengineer and meet legislative regulations and initiatives to improve the efficiency of government agencies business and IT practices.

Innovation at Work

“Innovation at Work” is the state or quality of excelling. It is at the core of all we do. This equates to delivering our best everyday to our clients and being better tomorrow than we were yesterday.

Innovation matches our practices with our potential.

Enterprise Infrastructure

We provide enterprise infrastructure services in the form of Solutions Architecture, Program Management, Systems Integration and Infrastructure Support.

We serve both Commercial and the Federal government.

Solutions Delivered.

We deliver solutions and skilled-customer focused professionals who can supplement your workforce and meet your consulting or staffing needs. We provide proven technical and management know-how to partner with clients and with other vendors in order to solve complex problems



Solutions Architecture

At Green-Gate, we take a holistic view of your enterprise to devise architecture blueprints to modernize your agency, so you can accomplish more with less.

Cyber Security

When security is paramount, you can turn to Green-Gate Technology for expertise in the methodologies, standards, and tool sets involved in the design and implementation of secure solutions.

Integration / Migration

At Green-Gate Technology, we provide the specialist skills, tools, processes and resources for quality data migration.

Network Engineering Solutions

Network Design & Architecture and Deployment solutions enable enterprises to access and utilize key information

Program Management

When your organization’s ability to excel hinges on how work gets done, Green-Gate technology can incorporate advanced technologies and help manage you programs to run more efficiently.


When organizations face training challenges to keep it’s staff updated with the latest technologies or seek to improve productivity, we can design, develop, and deliver scalable technology based training or traditional instructor lead classroom training.

Artificial Intelligence

Team Green-Gate (Team GGT) introduced Artificial Intelligence Systems for a major, worldwide telecom and is now institutionalized throughout their company. Team GGT will use this process to deliver a high fidelity and effective systems that are 3 phases, NLU, NLP, and leading to NLG.

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