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Cyber Security Engineer


Job Responsibility
•    Provides engineering analysis, design and support for firewalls, routers, networks and operating systems. Performs vulnerability scans using vendor utility tools. Monitors security audit and intrusion detection system logs for system and network anomalies.
•    Monitors user access process to ensure operational integrity of the system. Enforces the information security configuration and maintains system for issuing, protecting, changing and revoking passwords.
•    Develops technical and programmatic assessments, evaluates engineering and integration initiatives and provides technical support to assess security policies, standards and guidelines. Implements, enforces and communicates security policies and/or plans for data, software applications, hardware and telecommunications.
•    Performs product evaluations, recommends and implements products/services for network security. Validates and tests security architecture and design solutions to produce detailed engineering specifications with recommended vendor technologies.
•    Develops, tests and operates firewalls, intrusion detection systems, enterprise anti-virus systems and software deployment tools.
•    Reviews and recommends the installation, modification or replacement of hardware or software components and any configuration change(s) that affects security.
•    Provides enforcement of security directives, orders, standards, plans and procedures at server sites. Ensures system support personnel receive/maintain security awareness and training.
•    Maintains data and communicates to management the impact on business/customer caused by theft, destruction, alteration or denial of access to information.

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of education and experience
•    Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field preferred
•    Experience working with IP networking, networking protocols and understanding of security related technologies including encryption, IPsec, PKI, VPNs, firewalls, proxy services, DNS, electronic mail and access-lists
•    Experience working with internet, web, application and network security techniques
•    Experience working with relevant operating system security (Windows, Solaris, Linux, etc.)
•    Experience working with leading firewall, network scanning and intrusion detection products and authentication technologies
•    Experience working with federal regulations related to information security (FISMA, Computer security Act, etc.)
•    Experience working with NIST Special Publications and C & A process methodology
•    Possess security certifications (CISSP, CCNA, etc)
•    US Citizenship required